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The Present Status Of The Quantum Theory Of Light

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THE PRESENT STATUS OF THE QUANTUM THEORY OF LIGHT In August of 1995, a group of over 70 physicists met at York University for a three-day symposium in honour of Professor Jean-Pierre Vigier. The attendance included theoretical and experimental physicists, mathematicians, astronomers and colleagues concerned with issues in the philosophy of science. The symposium was entitled "The Present Status of the Quantum Theory of Light" in accordance with Professor Vigier's wishes but in fact encompassed many of the areas to which Professor Vigier has contributed over his long and distinguished career. These include stochastic interpretations of quantum mechanics, particle physics, and electromagnetic theory. The papers presented at the symposium have been arranged in this proceedings in the following approximate order: ideas about the nature of light and photons, electrodynamiCS, the formulation and interpretation of quantum mechanics, and aspects of relativity theory. Some of the papers presented deal with alternate interpretations of quantum phenomena in the tradition of Vigier, Bohm et al. These interpretations reject the account given in purely probabilistic terms and which deems individual quantum events to be acausal and not amenable to any analysis in space-time terms. As is well known, Einstein and others also rejected the purely statistical account of quantum mechanics. As stressed by Professor Vigier at the symposium, the current experimental situation now allows for the first time for individual quantum events to be studied, e. g.

The Politics Of Enlightenment

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Written by one of Italyrs"s leading historians, this book analyses the context and legacy of Gaetano Filangierirs"s seven-volume ls"Science of Legislationrs". This study engages with the unique history of Enlightenment Naples, the intellectual traditions upon which Filangieri drew, and the powerful repercussions of the American Revolution in eighteenth-century Italy to re-draw the map of Enlightenment republicanism and the early history of human rights and their political economy.Particularly, the book elucidates Montesquieurs"s polyvalent influence on the development of Enlightenment political philosophy, the intricate relationship between natural law and natural rights (later human rights), the emergence of an idiom and a theory of constitutionalism as the only safeguard against absolutist abused and democratic excesses (whether due to communitarian zeal or the influence of charismatic leaders), and the importance of Freemasonry as a school of political theory and a locus of political action and re-action at the time. This brings the book to a lengthy discussion of the tensions between liberalism and poverty as well as patriotism and cosmopolitanism in the Italian republican tradition, themes all too relevant in todayrs"s historiographical landscape, and Filangierirs"s eventual contribution to these debates and to the institutionalization of the rights of man as a political category and an influence on political economy in Enlightenment Europe. The second part of the book deals with Filangierirs"s legacy, engaging both with his immediate acolytes, like Francesco Mario Pagano, drafter of the Neapolitan constitution of 1799, and his detractors, like the conservative Vincenzo Cuoco. The book ends with groundbreaking chapters on Filangierirs"s reception in France and in Europe at large, focusing on Benjamin Constantrs"s little understood critique of Filangieri and the tensions between the constitutional republicanism of the late Italian Enlightenment on the one hand and the nascent tradition of liberalism on the other. In doing so, this book not only explains the common roots of these two traditions, but also why they diverged and what consequences this had for Italian and European history.

Sunflower A Flow To Light

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This book is a journey in my experience of energy. It is unique because it is how I am able to express what I felt in that energy while I transformed to a new level, to a new experience. I have been conscious of energy since I was small and fortunately have been surrounded in a culture that is embedded in the importance of it. It has been a purposeful shaping which has been paired with an advancing ability to both experience its' development and its' growth. This book is the latter part of my spiritual journey and my understanding of it. It has taken a long time to get to where I can accept, understand and feel it with more ease, trust, and a finer clarity. I have been blessed with the ability to catch moments while in energy and to be able to put ink to paper to capture it both for others and for myself. It has been an honour to witness this, experience it and to also feel blessed while in it.


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