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Climate Change In The Sunlight

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Climate change is not visible in the sunlight, but the basis for it is. Climate change is forced by the Sun. The sunlight reveals that changes is solar activity reflect cosmic factors, external to the Sun, which the Sun merely responds to. The sunlight overturns the long-standing misperception that the Sun is a sphere of hydrogen gas that is powered from within by nuclear fusion of hydrogen into helium. It is physically impossible for such a Sun to produce the type of sunlight that we see. The phenomenon can only be created by a plasma-powered Sun, with plasma-fusion reactions occurring on its surface. Such a Sun is externally powered. Its actions fluctuate with changing conditions in interstellar space. The big climate changes on Earth are the result of that. Climate Change is never manmade. Anthropomorphic Climate Change is impossible. The climate changes on Earth are forced by the Sun via solar cosmic ray fluctuation that affects cloudiness. The solar effects on the Earth climate are even measurable in Carbon-14 isotope ratios. But the biggest climate change is yet to come, in the 2050s, when the plasma-focusing system breaks down under threshold conditions, and becomes inactive. In this inactive mode the solar activity reverts to the cosmic default level, its inactive state in which 70% less energy is being produced and the next Ice Age begins. The sunlight stands as an item of evidence for this extremely critical potential. Numerous fields of evidence tell us that the next Ice Age is near. That's where the truth begins. Most of the evidence was discovered in the 1990s and thereafter. Some evidence is measured in ice cores; some is measured in space, by satellites. Some measurements are also made on the ground in terms of measurements of the Earth's magnetic-pole drift observed in northern Canada. All of this is seen combined with high-energy physics experiments at a leading national laboratory, and is also explored in the small in static experiments. Against the background of these widely diverse types of evidence that have been recently discovered, the historic Little Ice Age in the 1600s, takes on a new dimension as a yardstick for measuring the future that by this evidence promises to be up to 40-times colder than the Little Ice Age had been. It qualifies for the term, Absolute! The evidence poses a great challenge ahead. Are we ready to respond? The Ice Age phase shift in climate is a stark in differences as night and day, and similarly fast. In the Little Ice Age between 10% and up to 30% of the populations in Europe had perished by starvation. The last Big Ice Age was evidently vastly harsher. Only 1-10 million people emerged from it alive. That's all we had after 2 million years of development. We want to do far better this time around; and we can, with large-scale technological infrastructures for our food supply. But will we create them? Will we get the job done in the 30 years that we still have left before the Ice Age starts anew? Will we even consider it? And how certain are we that the phase shift to the next glaciation period will begin, as the evidence suggests, in the 2050s? We have no slack on this front. We have no slack on this front. Should we fail us on this absolute front, we would be committing suicide. So, what will the answer be? Will we move with the evidence? Or will we lay ourselves down to die by default? It takes an independent researcher to brake the taboos that have kept mainstream cosmology imprisoned, increasingly, during the past century, even while what is regarded as taboo is known to be wrong.

Sunlight On A Square

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Basil Payne 1923 -2103 This is his first book, originally published in 1961. This volume contains a selection from ten years' work. The poems have been grouped thematically, rather than chronologically, because the author found that ""they seemed to arrange themselves that way."" They display an exciting command of language and ar remarkable for their blend of tenderness, irony and passion. The lost innocence of childhood and the recesses of adult experiences are, alike, poignantly explored. Here is an Irish poet of clarity, vigour and originality, whose first volume should have a particularly wide appeal. Cover by John Skelton, Dublin.

Sunlight And Shadow, A Retelling Of The Magic Flute: Once Upon A Time Series

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A new spin on "The Magic Flute" by an acclaimed author

"In a time when the world was young and many things were quite commonplace that are now entirely forgotten, Sarastro, Mage of the Day, wed Pamina, the Queen of the Night. And in this way was the world complete, for light was joined to dark. For all time would they be joined together. Only the ending of the world could tear them apart. In other words, in the days in which my parents married, there was no such thing as divorce...."

Thus begins the tale of Mina, a girl-child born on the longest night of the darkest month of the year. When her father looked at her, all he saw was what he feared: By birth, by name, by nature, she belonged to the Dark. So when Mina turned sixteen, her father took her away from shadow and brought her into sunlight.

In retaliation, her mother lured a handsome prince into a deadly agreement: If he frees Mina, he can claim her as his bride.

Now Mina and her prince must endure deadly trials -- of love and fate and family -- before they can truly live happily ever after....


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