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Sunlight And Shadows

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A special surprise brings a lot of newness to the rancho, including learning how to read, play the piano, and weave. But how will these new skills help her family and keep memories of Mama close? Then, Josefina is grateful for a new idea that helps save their ranch after a devastating flood. But as Christmas approaches, Josefina is thinking a lot about the comfort of treasured traditions. Discover which traditions help make this Christmas really wonderful for Josefina."

Sunlight On A Square

RRP $16.99

Basil Payne 1923 -2103 This is his first book, originally published in 1961. This volume contains a selection from ten years' work. The poems have been grouped thematically, rather than chronologically, because the author found that ""they seemed to arrange themselves that way."" They display an exciting command of language and ar remarkable for their blend of tenderness, irony and passion. The lost innocence of childhood and the recesses of adult experiences are, alike, poignantly explored. Here is an Irish poet of clarity, vigour and originality, whose first volume should have a particularly wide appeal. Cover by John Skelton, Dublin.

Kissed : Belle/sunlight And Shadow/winter's Child

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder--and love grow stronger--in three romantic fairy tale retellings from the author of "Once."

Belle lacks her sisters' awe-inspiring beauty, so she withdraws from society to focus on her art in "Belle." But when her father is held captive by a terrifying Beast, Belle is the only one with the courage and creativity to save him...though she must first believe in herself.

In "Sunlight and Shadow," Princess Mina is kidnapped. Desperate to be reunited with her daughter, the Queen of the Night promises Mina's hand in marriage to the prince who can rescue her. Yet as Mina and her prince encounter trials of love and fate, Mina must summon the strength to find her own happiness.

In "Winter's Child," Grace's best friend is lured from home by a dazzling Snow Queen. Grace sets out on a dangerous, mystical journey to find him, and along the way, she discovers the meaning of true love.

About the Author

Cameron Dokey is the author of How Not to Spend Your Senior Year and nine Once upon a Time novels for Simon Pulse. She lives in Seattle, Washington.


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