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Strategic Planning Of Sustainable Urban Water Management

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The strategic planning of urban water systems is a complex task. The Urban Water programme covered projects from various disciplines at 9 Swedish Universities, from 1999 to 2006. The projects developed a "toolbox" for strategic planning of drinking-, waste- and stormwater management, covering aspects such as the environment, health and hygiene, financing, organisation, households, and technical function. Strategic Planning of Sustainable Urban Water Management synthesises the results and presents a comprehensive approach, which includes not only the technical, economic and environmental aspects, but also the challenges of institutional capacity and public participation in the planning process. Furthermore, the experience from a number of case studies are summarised and can offer readers inspiration for their own planning situations.

Sustainable Logistics

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Currently the notion of "sustainability" is used in an inflationary manner. Therefore the authors start with a definition which is stable to serve as an anchor for further research as well as for discussions among scientists, managers and politicians, ideally across different disciplines. The character of this book is purely conceptual. The argumentation is based on comparison of new and demanding requisites with existing models (process and network architectures in the field of logistics). Formerly neglected impacts on the environment will be included. Main features of a new approach will be developed which are capable to avoid these impacts and to align logistics with the requirements of sustainability. In order to make logistics sustainable large parts will have to be reinvented. The focus needs to be on decoupling transportation activities from economic growth rates.

The Role Of Micro Hydro Power As A Sustainable Energy Solution In Developing Countries

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Power is of special significance in a nation's economic development. The rising cost of energy, depleting conventional energy resources and increasing social and environmental constraints against the development of large hydro and concern over pollution from thermal power plants has seen renewed interest in the development of small or micro hydro power projects. The salient features of the micro hydro are short gestation period, environment friendly and inexpensive operation and maintenance. Micro hydro power is perhaps the most reliable of all renewable energy sources which can provide electricity in environmentally benign manner. In fact, a micro hydro system does a similar job to what a solar or wind system does, which is charge batteries. In current scenario, micro hydro systems seem a more cost-effective alternative than a grid connected system. The present publication is a follow up of the International Workshop on The Role of Micro-hydel for Developing Countries organised by the NAM S&T Centre at Kathmandu, Nepal during 19-22 April, 2013 jointly with the the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) in collaboration with Alternate Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC). The book includes 19 research papers and status reports from 11 countries, presenting significant insights on role of micro hydro technology in providing wide range of benefits, especially for rural areas and developing countries. It is expected to be of great value for the researcher, professional, experts, non-governmental and governmental organizations working in the field of Small and Micro hydro industries.


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